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Velocity Accounting Solutions is a Sheffield based, ACCA accredited bookkeeping and accountancy practice, that provides a wide range of business and accountancy services, including general bookkeeping, accounts, financial reporting, financial projections, payroll, and compliance services.

Velocity is led by Donna Hardman, who has over 20 years’ experience working in the finance industry, after qualifying as a Chartered Certified Accountant at a medium sized, regional accountancy practice in 2005.

Velocity is a valued ProAdvisor of QuickBooks UK, the world’s no.1 online accounting software firm. Through their partnership with QuickBooks, the new Velocity Accounting Solutions website was developed to showcase the practice and the services they offer.

AppTheBusiness is the leading design and development agency for QuickBooks UK and was commissioned to provide Velocity with the new website for their firm. Below we have provided a case study of the challenges that Velocity was facing due to not having a successful online presence and the solutions that we took to bring their vision to life.


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When designing any new website, we always take into account the client’s branding and the ‘feel’ that they would like to portray to their customers and potential new leads. The font used in the Velocity Accounting Solutions website is clean and concise, to not distract from the key content and to compliment the Velocity logo. The imagery chosen was used to show Velocity is approachable, technically advanced and professional. The colour scheme brings the website together, connecting the logo, text and images; creating unity, while providing separation to showcase the different features.


The Challenge

As Velocity are looking to grow their business, they felt their website needed an overhaul in order to effectively communicate the range of services on offer, and also to focus more on who is behind the service, as well as some of the partnerships they have in place to benefit clients.

Velocity wanted to be able to use the website as the central point to the wider marketing activity they were looking to start, and felt it needed to look more modern and user friendly.

Part of Velocity’s marketing strategy was to engage with clients through online articles and social media, however, they did not have a suitable platform and the time to create the content needed to publish to a blog or social media on a regular basis.

As Velocity are keen advocates of using new technology to help clients with their accounts, they needed the website to lead by example and embrace this too; creating something new, with the help of AppTheBusiness, was the best way to do this in a cost effective and timely manner.

Up until the point where the new website went live, we hadn’t really done much in terms of marketing activity, so the website has certainly become the focal point of this.

Despite being a templated site, it is flexible and fully customisable to our brand and what is important for our business, so it does feel like we have been able to create a fully functioning website with very little downtime or problems.

We have taken out the monthly blog package, which gives us some great content to feed into our newsletters and social media – something we haven’t been able to do before. This is giving us some up-to-date, and much needed conversation points that are helping us to brand build and create new opportunities.

Velocity Accounting Solutions

The Solution

In order to help Velocity achieve their business and marketing goals, we designed and developed a fully mobile responsive website with clear information and insights into Velocity’s background, services, partners, as well as provided a central hub for relaying new and informative blog posts which can be shared with their clients and prospective leads, bringing in additional business and visibility to their practice.

After implementing the development, Velocity’s new online presence has brought increased traffic to their site and clarity to their practice management process. With their monthly content and social media subscription, Velocity can now focus their time on their clients, without concerning themselves with the task of creating articles and social media posts with the latest tax and finance updates.

AppTheBusiness planned and prioritised Velocity’s needs, while ensuring the project met their overall company goals. Now Velocity can easily adapt their practice to meet the needs of a global audience.


We have been really impressed with the whole process of building a new website with AppTheBusiness for our small bookkeeping practice. They worked alongside us to make sure the site incorporates everything we need it to, and have turned it around really quickly. We’re looking forward to seeing how the site will help us to further market the practice to gain new business.

Donna Hardman, Founder & Managing Director
Velocity Accounting Solutions


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