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Get started with content services through AppTheBusiness and you will receive our monthly newswire that includes several articles, an HTML copy, along with related tweets and images which you can use in your website, blog, social media, app feed, and as your own newsletter for your clients.

The content is professionally written, proofread, and supplied without branding so that you can personalise and redistribute the information to your clients and on digital platforms.

All articles are technically written, with small business owners in mind, on subjects relating to tax and finance, key updates from HMRC, Making Tax Digital (MTD), as well as business advice.

  • Finance Information
  • HMRC Updates
  • Tax Strategy
  • Business

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Blog: Add the articles on a weekly or monthly basis to your website’s blog to engage with your current web users/clients and add new members to your site. By creating a content rich site, you generate more links and in turn this increases your SEO ranking with Google.

Tweet: Post the articles and awareness of your company’s website presence by using the tweets provided in the pack, with your respective blog links, on your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Publishing engaging, high-quality work, also leads to more followers.

Share: We provide the newswire as a white-label document so that you can add your logo/branding and copyright information to the document, which you can then send as your own newsletter to your clients. Kindly note that the content cannot be resold as a subscription but you can provide the monthly newsletter as a courtesy to your clients or as part of your monthly services, to keep your clients informed on financial updates and current topics relating to their accounts. This provides a higher level of service to your clients. The newsletter can be sent via email as a PDF, Word document or through a marketing service such as Mailchimp.

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