Terms & Conditions

AppTheBusiness Limited (the company) provides the following products and services.
1. Website
2. Logo Design
3. Content Services
4. Smartphone App

Payment terms for each require the full set up charge to be paid prior to work starting. For the Website and the SmartPhone App, there is a monthly subscription charge that is payable by direct debit and will start on completion of the website and app. The definition of completion refers to the website being live and the app being available for download in the relevant app stores.

The monthly fee for the website and the Smartphone app is to provide all content updates in terms of tax information and calculators as well as ongoing support for fixes upgrades and updates regarding latest WordPress and iOS & Android platforms. The monthly fee also covers any change requests in terms of app features (within scope of the platform) and website designs (within scope of the agreed web template). If there are changes requested that are beyond the scope of the agreed web template or app platform, then a fee will be agreed in advance for approval before any work will commence.

The monthly fee is for a minimum of 12 months (the initial period). Once the initial period is complete, the fee will move to a rolling 30 day contract. In the event of deciding to stop payment the service, you agree to pay the full 12 months subscription if in the initial period. After the initial period, cancellation can be made with two month prior written notice. In the very rare situation in which we increase fees, you will be notified 90 days prior from us in writing. On cancellation, the hosting and access of the website will be removed and in terms of the SmartPhone app, this will be removed from the App stores, no longer available for download; however it will remain on previously downloaded phones, but with no longer being supported for updates and upgrades.

All content produced within the SmartPhone app is provided by the company and is copyright and cannot be taken without the prior written permission from the company. In the event content is created by the customer, this remains the property of the customer.

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