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Website Design

We know that it can be hard to visualise a look and feel that represents your company. That is why, at AppTheBusiness, we go through everything with you and provide opportunities for changes, to fine tune your vision into a successful website.


Do you already have a website but it is outdated or are you looking to create a new website for your company? We can assist you with both. We can design your website from scratch or look at refreshing a current site with a new, more modern design.


We use your company’s branding to create a colour scheme and set the tone for your new website. If you don’t have a logo or need a logo redraw to get a high quality vector version, contact us for more information on how we can help you.


Our goal is to showcase your content to provide the best user experience and customer engagement. We advise you throughout the design process on what information works best and how to utilise it to get the greatest impact from users.

We are a full service digital agency with years of experience.

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Landing Pages

Mobile Apps

Website Development

We ensure that all of our websites are developed to the highest standards, in order to create mobile responsive, optimised and SEO friendly sites. We offer a range of options from full websites, templates, HTML landing pages and more.


We will develop a unique website that supports your company’s vision and the direction that you would like to take your digital platform. Depending on your preference, we can develop either a long-scrolling site or multiple pages. This option is best for companies that have a lot of content for their website or for those looking to stand out from their competition.


On request, we can provide a cheaper alternative to a bespoke website. Choose from a set of templates and we will customise the content, imagery and branding to your company. This option is best for companies that are starting out in the industry or would like to just have an online presence for their company, subsidiary or a new service.


As your hosting provider, not only will we supply you with an SSL certificate at no additional cost, we will support your website with monthly updates to increase site performance, speed optimisation, caching, etc., which in turn improves SEO ranking. Future content updates or changes that you may have are included in the agreement.

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